Every since fingerprint recognition has been invented, it’s been marketed as one of the safest security measures in real life, being around 90% effective at protecting your phone. But what if I told you, that someone could unlock your phone with materials you could find at the dollar store!

It makes you wonder how safe biometric technology is, so in this article, we will go more in-depth about fingerprint recognition and explore the different approaches to obtain a fingerprint. …

Using seaweed to feed the livestock of the future

Everyone enjoys dairy products! We love milk with our cookies, cheese on our pizza, and scoops of delicious ice cream on a hot fudge brownie (sorry lactose intolerants).

However, all these things come at a cost, and not the cost that comes out of your wallet, but a more sinister cost that could lead to the impending doom of our planet. For every gallon of milk produced, 0.082 pounds of methane are released, which doesn’t sound like much, but when there are over billions of gallons being produced each year, it becomes a major concern.

Cattle products should be enjoyed by everyone. We shouldn't have to worry about its emissions

The Earth right now is…

Whenever you watch America’s funniest home videos or watch a rival’s sports team lose, or even watching your boss spill coffee, we all enjoy their misfortune and find happiness from it.

Now, even though this sounds twisted, it doesn’t make you a sadistic evil being. Surprisingly, it’s normal for people to experience this, and there’s even a word for it. It is called schadenfreude.

Debunking Schadenfreude

The German term is composed of two words, Schaden which means damage or harm, and Freude which means joy. It means getting happiness from other people’s failures.

Passwords and identification are a massive pain to carry around and memorize. According to a study from Cyber Streetwise, the average British citizen needs to recall 19 passwords to access all of their online applications. Websites even require you to write a password with 20 characters and multiple of these annoying symbols like $, *, or # in it, just so you’d write it down and forget where you left that piece of paper.

It’s no wonder there’s so much interest in biometrics. Biometric protection is using yourself as the password or a form of authentication rather than remembering a…

Most people see mind-controlling as something out of science fiction or out of a villain's superpowers because it seems physically impossible to perform this in the real world. What’s more odd is that some authors characterized mushrooms as having the ability to infect minds like in the video game, The Last of Us. These, however, are all examples that don’t exist in the real world, but what if there was a parasitic fungus that could hijack and control the brains of its victims?

A cordyceps infected ant.

The concept seems scary already, but the reality is even scarier as these mushrooms actually exist and…

And The Wonders it Contains

It is natural for humans to be curious and wanting a sense of exploration. The biggest companies and richest people have often spent millions of dollars to explore uncharted land, resources, and even space in conquest for discovering new things.

Photo by Karan Karnik on Unsplash

However, these missions often end in coming home with millions of dollars wasted, or a minor discovery not even worth mentioning. But what if there was something else we could explore? Well, we do have a literal sandbox left to explore and it’s called the Abyssal Zone!

Just How Big is the Abyssal Zone?

Humans have only explored 5% of the ocean and in the ocean, there…

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